Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Bubbles

Wow! Were did the week go. I've been busy creating - Womens: Denim skirts and lush Velvet and Stretch Cotton Sateen boatneck tops....see the Felt shop

Babies: Merino dresses (little Emily, this is for you sweetheart) and leggings (a draft at the mo)

Yes its my birthday today, its kinda snuck up on me. I went and bought a wee supply of wine at the supermarket last husband has the day off and has promised a picnic, so I got a couple of those ity-bity bottles of methode and my fav. Sav Blanc (Dashwood at the moment) and I got asked for id at the checkout. Well, fancy that! I was flattered, but I still felt the colour rising in my cheeks - I'm 33 today, and while its nice to think that on the outside I'm so well preserved its caused me to ruminate on the subject of judgements.
Earth-shattering I hear you say, well, I claim it is my perrogative to do a little naval-gazing on the anniversary of my beginning in the world. Isn't designing all about judgement? Colour, line, form, texture ..... how that relates to a human - their form/colouring. How can you be non-judgemental and really into your fashion or any sort of creative endeavour for that matter? I'd like to think I'm a "non-judgemental person" and I've heard myself say that a number of times, but is there really such a person? I think "non-judgemental" is a label we like to bandy about a bit too much. It sounds good. But its all a bit of an ego-stroking lie isn't it?
Ok - so thats my naval gazing out of the way for another year!
Hope all is well in your world.

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  1. happy birthday to you, it might be so late i'm wishing you on monday..hope you dosen't mind


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)