Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello Spring Chickee

Wow - where did the month go..... Creatively speaking, I have had only a little bit new and completed to show. I can run away from my filing and my tax return no longer (more's the pity). This month has been all about paperwork and bridesmaids dress (toiles at this stage) and reading business books, and updating my online shop - blah! The weather has been so unseasonably warm this month - in fact the weather girl informed us tonight it has been the warmest August in New Zealand for the last 150 years. Despite the warm weather there is still the odd couple of days of squally showers and so I have made my precious a merino long sleeve top and leggings to tide her over until the summer. She has or is growing out of her winter clothes fast, but its too late in the season to be buying more winter stuff - perhaps this is my husband's Scottish nature rubbing off on me? lol Anyway, super soft and stretchy merino in cream - to go under everything.......

Another project I am pleased to have finished this week is Ruby's hoody dress. Its been quite a long time coming and I feel bad that probably Ruby won't get too much wear from this this season, however it has been quite a while since I've patternmade a hood, I came up against a creative block - yes I consulted the manual (several manuals actually), but while there are plenty of formulae for adult sized hoods I couldn't find anything for children. I had that horrible rictus sensation bought on by thoughts of 'what if I get it wrong' or should I say my own failing of perfectionism.... my silly need to get it right. There the project sat in the 'too hard' basket for way to long. I came across an article by Ali Edwards entitled working through Creative Fear which really resonated with me and helped me get into it again
so in the end I have created something with love and which I am proud of.....even if the hood turns out to be decorative rather than practical, it was a good learning experience and a jumping off point to future hoody dresses, because they are so easy to wear :) The printed fabric on the inside I found at an fabric outlet which specialises in designer offcuts and overruns - its from NZ Designer Ruby and has little yellow and red hearts with 'R's - so of course I had to have some for little Ruby!

Also this month I went to a class to learn a new technique for felting fabric - a whole Saturday (well almost) without my little girl learning something new..... I find learning new things so energising. Nuno felting uses a fine silk fabric (or synthetic organza, net or stretch laces can be used for different effects). In any case merino wool sliver is overlaid on both sides of the silk sandwiching it. The end result is waaaay more drapy than regular felt. This was my first attempt - a tone on tone affair with a pattern worked in with red merino, linen and silk threads. I'm quite keen to see how I can apply this to my women'swear pieces and accessories, so look out for more Nuno work on felt in the coming months.

I'm really writing this blog to encourage me to keep at my creative endeavours and not become bogged down with domestic drudgery and everyday frenetic busy-ness. For me creating - whether than be a scrapbook page or a garment or a crop of strawberries is about being in the moment a meditation on the here and now - its very focused and that allows me to shut out the hubbub, the incessant flow of "must do..., remember to..., ask husband about......., must find time to.........., got to.........., dang I forgot about....., etc, etc" in my head. I also quite like the idea that when creative something for a special person I quite often think of them and in a sense I transmute some of the love and good will I have into the thing that is being created - a good illustration of this concept it in the Novel/Movie "Like Water for Chocolate". So - that's my thought for the month - craft, its the new prosac!

Hope all is well in your world.


  1. I love the hooded dress, it is fabulous!

  2. Just read your comment - that comes in a size 3-4 if you are interested? Hehehe

  3. I am interested for winter!! Will talk to you about that very soon, write that down and remind me because I am keen!!

  4. Can you make an adult version for wearing tites underneath??


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