Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Famous Hirst Fush Pie

I don't think there is any food more comforting and satisfying than a good fish pie. This recipe was wheedled out of my good friend Cherene and took me right back to winters in our little flat in Wellington, rain pelting on the window and that fierce Welly wind bending our Pohutakawa tree out front.

Creamy sauce, salty/smokey fish, mash potato with a crispy cheesy breadcrumb topping - just about all my favourite foodie sensations. It's not flash fare, but quintessentially Kiwi. The last direction on the recipe (handwritten from her memory into my recipe book) is "Enjoy and think of me while eating"
....and I did my friend to the sound of Anika Moa's "Running through the fire".
Thanks Chennie :)

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