Friday, April 30, 2010

Thrifty Bunting

I love thrift. The idea of reinventing an object I loved but no longer has a use into something I can continue to use gives me immense satisfaction. I'm an outworker - I sew garments at home for a factory down town. I have been know to dive into their dumspter to save offcuts of merino (well its dang expensive!!).

Just before Christmas last year I wanted to make some Christmas decorations, as it was the first year since we've been married that we bought a real tree and I wanted to start to make some heirloom decorations I could bring out each year which would become part of the evolving folklore of my little family. Short on time (nothing new there) - I wanted something with big I raided my fabric stash for inspiration and out came a polka dot skirt given to me by my dear friend and fellow colour fanatic Amie. Too small for me to wear I couldn't part with it because frankly I'm obsessed with polka dots. Three more fabric offcuts followed and I got down to the cutting. I've seen lots of ways of making bunting - but my way entails minimal sewing. I don't see the need to seam the edges of each flag - I just used pinking shears for the two long sides and a straight cut for the top (which is attached with an edgestitch and then folded down and edgestitched again - easy peasy!
Now I got so 'in to' cutting out my flags (they are dead easy because the symetrical shape allows them to be butted up side by side = no waste) that I went overboard on some fabrics and had extra flags. Looking through my unfinished projects pile a few weeks ago I decided to make up the rest of the bunting for Annabelle Lucy and Lilly Belle (my girlfriend's girls) but nothing else in my stash was suitable for the job so I ended up spending $25 on coordinating fabrics just to use up the leftovers (and I still have 2 of each, but they might form into a patchwork cushion for Lala's room). Thrify? hummmmmm

If anyone wants to make their own bunting and needs better instructions, just let me know I'm happy to post a tutorial.
Happy crafting!


  1. Ohhhh that is rather exciting. Annabelle Lucy will be very pleased with all that magpie colour! Happy Mother's Day gorgeous mummy and look forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love.. Fantastic Blog! xxx

  2. hehehehe you're too kind my friend...come and get it!!


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