Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The faster you go......

Well, I've put in plenty of hours on the sewing machine this week, but sadly nothing fun and creative - 27 dresses of the same design and colour...honestly they haunt my dreams!
The sea green is the dresses, the black fabric is a fleece kimono jacket I'm making for my Mum which I just have to line and finish off with a little blanket stitch around the neckline and a decorative pin for a closure.

I've also had on the go writing a learn to sew course which is due to start mid May. Its a six week thing, with either a day or evening option. I feel a bit silly that I forgot to take pics of the sample PJs we will be making as they were sooo cute but here is a pic of one option for the skirt project (you'll notice there is a pin still in it because I was playing around with the placement of the pocket).
I'm really keen to share some knowledge and skills with others because I think its very fulfilling for me and I always gain some new knowledge for myself - this could be as simple as seeing a technique in a new way or approaching a task from a different angle. The trouble with working in inertia is that is it so easy to get stuck in your old ways, so I' looking forward to refreshing my thinking.
I'm holding the course in a new fabric store which opened about 6 weeks ago in my neighbourhood. If your local to Christchurch, NZ checkout http://www.stitchplayroom.co.nz/. This is such a fantastic store. One of the reasons is the dedicated children's play area (a whole room -yuuus!!) and the other is the dedicated adult play area (the rest of the shop) - if you love colour and pattern and texture and gourmet yarn and yummy yummy fabrics then Stitch is worth a trip just to look (and if you manage not to buy anything then you have superhuman powers!!)

I did start a wee fling of a project last week because I took to my bed for 2 days sick - some nasty vomitty tummy bug ugh! Lying down made me nauseous and daytime TV has, well limited appeal, so out of the stash came some bamboo/cotton yarn. Initially it was just going to be a facecloth, but it became longer and longer and has morphed into a scarf for my hubby. I didn't want it to have regular stripes, so I took the lets see where this one takes us approach. Trouble is I only bought 3 balls of each colour and I'm nearly at the end of the second ball of each - which means a very short scarf. Maybe I tell hubby its a cravat hehehe.
Crazy that the only time I've had to do something fun and creative is when my body performed a 'general shutdown' and refused to allow me to work (or eat or drink or sleep for that matter).

I guess the lesson in this is the faster you go, the slower you get (or is it '....the bigger the mess' - Kiwi's will get that one).
Hope all is well in your world.

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