Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love the lulls

Wow my head is spinning from a meeting I've just had to run more courses at Stitch. All very exciting and there will be a bit of everything in there - bags, children's clothes, women's wear, accessories and gifts so stay tuned. While I was there I picked up the most scrupulous flannelette to make up into PJs - Westminister 'Owl Friends' - very Alice in Wonderland on acid, I love it!!
I have had a four day lull in my contract sewing - hooray! Yesterday was a stay home day, it was cold wet and miserable so Isla and I hung out inside read books, played hide and seek and did several more rows of knitting on hubby's scarf. I'm nearly finished mending some second hand merino pants I picked up for Isla - they are in primo condition, apart from a small hole on the leg which is now covered up with a polkadot dragonfly. Surely this is why applique was invented, and the end result is streets ahead of plain pants in my book!

As if all these projects weren't enough, I've decided to whip myself up a top. I did a tryon and decided the neck was too high, so I took a bit off, but when I tried it on again it was falling off both shoulders - eek. I added a binding to the edge but deliberately made it 10cm shorter to gather it in a bit with the add of differential feed on my overlocker. This saved it....but I did have to go through the bin and grab out the pieces I had cut off my pattern to reattach with sellotape! Despite the wee issue with the neck, I'm quite happy with how it turned out and I love the little gathered portion and deep cuff. The next one I make I want to make longer, with a deeper cuff at the hem and a hood....see Amie I told you I would make you a hoodie dress :)
I picked up more contract work today - 24 pairs of pants which should keep me busy until the end of the week (sigh). Gotta love the lulls though!

Hope all is well in your world

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