Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rain rain go away, come again another day

Look, I don't mind a bit of rain - its good for the garden, and I love snuggling in bed with the rain pounding down on the roof. However, it feels as though I ought to start crafting an ark after the week we've had! I have a very narrow access way through my laundry because of the piles of washing. I am starting to roux the decision not to buy a dryer when we had the chance because of eco-considerations.
My little one has cabin fever big time. Anyone have any ideas for games to play with a very active and capable 18 month old?? We have done inside camping, crayons (whoa - not the wall Lala - the paper, the paper!!) and of course when all else fails I bundle her up, don the gumboots and let her loose in the puddles. More wet, muddy piles of washing are inevitable, but it does keep her engaged for half an hour or so. As Isla would say - Wheeeeeeeeeee!

I have had more of a crafty week than a sewing for the factory week. Its not that I don't have work to do for the factory, just that my mind, body and spirit is resisting it at the moment. So instead of fighting it I've decided to have a week of going to bed before midnight, sitting on the sofa knitting and crafting pinafore mach II. This one is Isla sized and out of the most scrumptious pink merino flannel. The appliqued snowflakes (how appropriate) are made using a die cutter machine (the lovely Fenella at Stitch lets me play). I would love to own one of these but at $2,500 I can't imagine getting one anytime soon. They are cut after an adhesive backing is applied, so its simply a matter of pressing them on and then stitching them down. To help with keeping them down I used 3 stands of silk thread and did a wee stem stitch down each of the arms of the snowflake. This fibre is a new favourite - I used it in the tee shirt to match the PJ bottoms as well - unlike cotton floss is has a subtle sheen, but the thread is 'lively' and does want to twist itself into knots as you work with it!

I had a hard time grading it down from size 4 to 18 months, but the actual sewing up was a breeze and I can see myself whipping out a few of these for my felt shop (maybe not the silk thread detailing tho). Shame the fabric is so dang expensive - but that's me 'champagne tastes on beer money' as my dear Mum would say.
Speaking of fabric, I have missed out on the last two Stash Re-hash fabric markets, but I checked in on Deidre at today and found out the next one is to be held in Ashburton 27th June. I have booked the family in for a wee jaunty down to Ashburton. I told hubby it would be a good chance to do some Geocaching. This is our latest hobby - one we both actually enjoy. Its outdoorsey, uses your brain, Isla can tag along and most of all its free (provided you own or can borrow a GPS). For our family we have a little bit of a competition going on that whomever finds the cache gets to choose the bottle of wine - its a win win all round. has all the necessary info if you keen to find out more.

Hope all is well in your world.

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