Monday, June 14, 2010

Bird feeder

I've had quite a stressful week. OK I admit it I am rather neurotic, but I've felt more than ever the weight of unfinished projects, unfulfilled commitments to others and myself and the general mayhem of keeping up with family life. I feel as though one more 'to do' task on the list will send me into a tailspin. The antidote for this is usually a trip to the beach. Especially on a stormy day, the rhythm of waves is usually enough to uplift and fortify. I haven't been able to get there this week, through one thing or another and sadly we don't live within earshot or walking distance of the sea anymore. Pants! (Pants as in bugger, rather than bifurcated apparel for your lower half - see

So instead I steal outside with my coffee while Lala is having a nap and just notice. We live in rather a built up area, so it came as somewhat of a revelation to look up into the Plane tree in our yard and see a Woodpidgeon sitting up there, minding his own business. Then a flock of Waxeyes can through and sat on the wisteria vine, two even decided to check me out and came and sat on the rose bush at my feet. I guess this is a sign of dwindling food stocks for birds and its inspired me to make an apple bird feeder - this is so easy and a great project to do with kids (although you will need to supervise the screwdriver part).
So you need an apple, some twine and a twig or 2 - choose something at least 20cm long and say as round as a 5mm knitting needle (small birds can't perch as easily on thicker twigs) and a screwdriver. Take the screwdriver and push it through the centre of the apple, twisting it as you go to make a nice big hole. Tie the twine to the centre (or there abouts) of your twig, place the second twig at right angles and wrap the twine in a figure of eight pattern to secure, thread the twine through your last loop and pull tight. This is the perch. Now thread the twine through the apple. If you have a big carpet needle or elastic threader this can help get the twine through, or you can use the screwdriver to help push the twine through.

Feed the apple down to the bottom so its sitting on the twig and your done. All that's left to do is find a suitable place to hang it. A tree, the washing line, a pergola or in our case, we have a cuphook under the eaves of our house, so we can watch the birds feasting from the comfort of our livingroom.

Before I go here is a sneak peak at what I've been working on over the weekend....two are flat bottomed and filled with rice, or they should be but the cupboard is rather 'Old Mother Hubbard' at the mo. I'll be running a class in how to make these at Stitch next month. One is for dear Ruby (sorry sweetie, she got lost on the way to your 5th birthday party) and one might just find its way onto Felt, but my dear one has taken quite a shine to these russian ladies, so one of them might have to make her home in Lala's room.
Hope all is well in your world - if its crazy, try making a birdfeeder and welcome nature into your backyard.


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  1. Your babushkas are lovely! Great idea with the bird feeders. We get visited by wax eyes too. I love them. So cute.


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