Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Owls are looking up at me!

So I finally got a chance to work up that amazing owl covered flanelette featured in an earlier blog into a pair of PJs (mainly for me, but also to use as a demo for my dressmaking class). I got up super early one morning to cut them out before my dear one was awake, as she loved pins and shears and all things pointy and dangerous and it just becomes a mission to cut when she is near. Anyho I must have been still half asleep because I cut the pieces the wrong way around and its very much a one way design - argggh - rookie mistake! I still love them, and I tell any know-it-all who points out that the owls are apparently hanging like bats that I wanted to enjoy the owls looking up at me when I look down to admire my new PJs. I'm also pretty proud of myself for following through, making them up and wearing them with pride. Several years ago, I wouldn't have bothered to make them up as they were 'wrong' and I use to be so concerned with doing everything perfectly. I think things began to change for me when I became a mother - something about being up to your armpits in poo all day, one just has to relax their standards and not sweat the small things.....or go mad.

Super comfy I have to say, and I'm already on to a second pair! If your keen to make your own, I've booked some more classes at Stitch to start after the July school hols. - either Sunday afternoons (commences 25th July) or Wednesday nights (commences 11th Aug). Feel free to send me a message and I can give you more details.

Also finished hubby's bamboo scarf which he is very pleased with and was pretty much hovering over the needles as I cast off, its been that bitterly cool in Chch. Its nice to be so well appreciated :)

Hope all is well in your world


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