Monday, June 28, 2010

Still rockin the Russians

I've been a bit AWOL from my blog recently, had a HUGE order of pants to complete within four days last week on top of the teaching and the planning and sampling for more teaching (notably a doorstop version of my Russian doll. I wish she could have stayed at my house - definitely my favourite. )

Sooooo when it all got done at the end of the week, I took a break from everything I usually do and tried to do nothing to y'know get back some balance?! Shame the weather was so yuck, I've been hanging out to potter in my garden for weeks now. I got lots more sleep, but within 24 hours I was bored and my fingers were fidgety.

I found a bag to finish. This one is a favourite old pattern, I've made heaps for friends over the years its big enough for everything, but no so big it feels like your lugging a suitcase on your shoulder....and its reversible. This version is in cord with tall felt poppies - appliqued with a 'featherstitch' on my huskavana and using a bead for the centre of the flower the green felt stem is simply knotted to hold on the bead. I've done a runner stitch around the centre of the flower, but left the edges free to curl and look more flowery over time. Leave me a comment if your interested in a pattern and I'll see about putting one up :)

Hope all is well in your world



  1. Ooooh, would love you to put up the bag pattern, maybe even a tutoral on it ;-)

  2. Sure thing Lou, I like a challenge - (I'm still working out how to do stuff with my blog) hehe

  3. Ahh now that's a pretty bag. Love the lining, too. I wouldn't be able to choose which way round to wear it!
    Just saw your little pinafore on Felt - gee they look nice! Really like your work :-) I've been meaning to stop by your blog and say hi for ages... sorry it's taken me a while. Life has been crazy! Keep up the gorgeous work - it really looks divine.

  4. Love the bag and I'd love to see a tute too. The Babushka doorstop is adorable too. Your students must love making your projects. Where do you teach?

  5. I'm thinking I'll make some doorstops for my felt store - they make such great gifts. I'm based in Christchurch. I teach at a craft store called Stitch in Cashmere Its a dangerous place for me, sooooo many gorgeous quilting cottons, printed canvas and yarns in merino and bamboo. Its seriously difficult not to spend my earnings the minute I get them lol


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