Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Children's Book Wisdom

"What is the secret to living at sea
The secret to staying afloat?"

With a heave and a ho there came from below
A wonderful gurgling sigh
"It's all about balance," whispered the whale
And shot the cork into the sky "

Cork on the Ocean by Mark Sommerset

I've been acting like a swan for the last six weeks - gracefully gliding along [I hope] but paddling furiously under the surface.  My husband has taken the leap to self employment, creating a little itty bitty vacum in the budget which I am attempting to fill.  That would be fine except that I seem to have retained the roles of domestic executive and main caregiver as well....sheesh!!  I'm starting to look and feel a tad scary, a little bit hollow of eye and sallow of skin shall we say.  I was wondering to myself and the universe why I do all the stuff I do.  Then this week Lala selected "Cork on the Ocean" at the library; and my Mum rang and told me she had read in the paper 'if my dreams were too big right now I can always grow into them'. 

I guess I get my answers from the some random places.  Where do you get your answers?

p.s. Here's a wee picture of the cushion I started last week all finished.  It ended up being 'free' rather than 'freedom' because I used up the last of my white DMC cotton and I'm being thrifty at the moment.


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  1. I love how your pillow turned out. I also smiled when i read what your Mum had read to you. I stopped over here from soulemama's incase you were wondering, who is this lady?:) Lovely Blog!


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