Thursday, July 29, 2010

My creative space - End of the day update: An exercise in thrift

So here it is my $1 op shop find. Size XL, fibre 70% cashmere 30% silk...yummy!! The mission: how many garments can I upcycle from this one top? Lala (18 months) could use some leggings and a top, and I would like a singlet top and maybe some arm warmers, but even I think that's a little optimistic! I have a pattern for Lala's things which I developed last year, I'm going to wing it and add a little to the length of arms and legs and a little to the rise on the crotch. I have an old beat up, much loved singlet to use as a starting point for myself and half a macrame bag (I butchered it for another project a while back) - I'll let your mind boggle at the thought of how I might incorporate that!

First cuts
Leggings from the sleeves
Stay tuned, I'll update this post later in the day to let you know how I got on.  It could be hideous, it could be fantastic, but rest assured the music and green tea will be flowing. 

End of the day update....
leggings on my suddenly shy model (!?)

enter the macrame...there will be a bit of work over the next few days moving the pieces of bag around, and then I've gotta sew the whole lot down - by hand I expect.  I want to cut away the fabric under the macrame handle (now shoulder strap) so that the macrame looks more integrated into the singlet, rather than just stuck on...I guess there is going to have to be a 'part deux' to this creative space :)

The wristlets, made from the sleeve cap, left over from leggings.  Again there is some work here with elastic thread - I'm planning quite a bit of rouching to say the least!  I had a bit of a brainwave about the pearl buttons, I guess is makes them very lady like.  What do you think - too much?

And you might have noticed no top for Lala - well I did say getting four pieces out of the one garment was rather optimistic.  Still 3 out of 4 wasn't bad was it?

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have time check out Kootooyou's blog with links to other fabulous crafty people's creative spaces today.

Have a lovely Thursday.


  1. Sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady! Can't wait to see the end results (especially with the macrame handbag involved!)

  2. you are a vision lady :) look forward to the finished result :)

  3. WOW.. what one woman can achieve is amazing..with some help from her sewing machine.It all looks great.

  4. How awesome is that!! You have such an amazing talent. Well done Nin :)

  5. Great refashion! The macrame bag on the top is a wonderful idea. And I say YES to the buttons, I think it looks very pretty:)

  6. how super efficient are you :)a inspiration !!

  7. Thanks everyone - I guess necessity is the mother of all invention. I get a particular joy out of using up stuff rather than putting it in the 'round file'...I'm sticking it to the man, one garment at a time!

  8. What a fantastic find and WOW you are making some great stuff out of it.

  9. You are such a great, talented woman and I really admire you!
    You rock girl! Keep up the good work.
    Hugs :)


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