Sunday, August 22, 2010

Custom Made

Have you noticed my new blog title? I'm so jazzed, it was created especially for me by the lovely Stella, one half of the very talented Frank and Dean.  There I am running with scissors (don't try this at home kids) while Lala is playing dress up - just a typical day at my office really.
I love local handmade stuff (well duh - I have the "I took the handmade pledge" button on this very blog), but seriously there is something very special about a piece which is made just for you and no one else.  As well as blog titles, Stella does these amazing custom portraits and I can't think of anything more special or lasting or personal to give a partner or a grandparent.  She works from your favourite photos, I am sooo saving up for Christmas as I have the perfect shot of Hubby and Lala for my husband's parents in Scotland.
I posted last Thursday about a custom order (that fab red riding hood fabric), well here it is all finished and ready to go to Stella's wee dot in return for the fantastic blog title.  Truly I feel like I have the best part of the deal. 

Thank you Stella, your an amazing talent.  Keep up the dancing, I am living my Carmen Miranda daydreams vicariously through your blog


  1. Oh MY!! I love that dress!!!! I'm going to have to search out the perfect matching tights to go with it, I'm sensing that she may be living in this baby for quite some time!!! And thank you for your lovely words! I disagree about you coming out with the better end of the deal, it's not often that our lovely babe gets to wear beautiful handmade clothing that was put together just for her!!!!!

  2. Beautiful dress! And yes, your new blog header is lovely!

  3. Your new blog header is so cute! As for that little dress it is just lovely! You are so talented!


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