Monday, August 2, 2010

Frank & Dean comp

OK, so I promised to post about my giveaway, and I will when I get some good photos of the thing I'm giving away and I get to '50' likers, nearly halfway there - tell your friends and family its my Birthday this week and I wanna share the love!!

Meantime check out Rose-May Rutherford's blog, she is one half of the super talented and amazing Frank & Dean (who do gorgeous whimsical illustrations and photography). I've been hankering for some lighthouse postcards for a while and she is have a giveaway, I might be lucky and win some (or it could be you).  While you're there check out their link to their shop, they have just bought out this uber cute weekly planner template, good for all us stylish list makers out there. Check in with Rosa-May at:
Rosa-May Raumaewa Rutherford: a giveaway....

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the post! And you comment was very funny... Yes, I used to be a two, maybe three coffees a day girl - but as I'm breastfeeding I try to cut back... There are days though, when a girl just needs two coffees!


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