Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hints for Ngaire

So this post is really for Ngaire my swap partner who wanted some hints (and proof no doubt) that I do actually do scrapbooking from time to time haha.  Here are some of my favs.  You can see that Lala is probably the subject I like to scrap about the most - I want to put together an album for her to read when she's older.  A little while ago my mother found my Plunket book and it was soooo interesting the little comments she had put in there about my first words, games I liked to play.... she wrote "Loves to take J's [big brother] toys, a bit of a tease!"

I could get really sidetracked looking through my album and playing with all the papers and embellishments I have sitting just waiting for the next layout but I have custom orders to create and housework to catch up on (oh joy).

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