Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Play along: Wednesday wardrobe

Hi, so this is me - this is what I wore to work yesterday.  If you follow Clare at Green Valley Craft's then you will know what this is all about.  I'm taking up Clare's challenge to post an outfit I wore this week.

I have just recently returned to part time work outside the home.  I have a home business, and apart from the odd meeting or teaching I have previously been able to wear whatever - and sad to say despite being very well skilled in the dressmaking area I have lacked the time, money and inspiration to sew for myself or even shop for clothes.  So with only a handful of new things in the last 3 years (and most of that was maternity wear) everything in my wardrobe is looking a little tired, washfaded....or I put it on and notice a small marmite hand print on the bum - don't you love that, just about to shoot out the door/haven't been able to dry washing in a week/nothing left in your wardrobe and your wearin marmite.  Choice.

I'm not sure if this is exactly inspirational - its interesting to see a photo does not look the same as what I see in the mirror.  I see good boobs and a hint of a waist in the mirror.  The picture looks like I'm wearing a toga.  Bugger.

I bought this dress around a year ago just after my daughter was born. Its by Robyn Matterson and my justification for paying the designer price tag was that it can be worn four ways - oh and I feel completely safe in it - no need to suck in! The cardi is Max (yah outlet shopping), belt is vintage op shopped, boots are another expensive purchase but are absolute favs (so hard for the fuller calved women to get leather knee high boots)

Thoughts? Comments? Please be nice or if you can be nice be constructive - its a big deal for me to show my full length on the blogosphere - eeeeppppp!

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  1. I think you look lovely! Definitely a waist & boobs ;) Your belt is wonderful too. Ka pai!

  2. I love clothes that you feel comfy in, like you say 'no need to suck in!" I love the colour. Thanks for playing!

  3. Those boots are killer! What make are they?
    I think this outfit is really nice.
    One thought though- is where you have your belt your natural waist line (or rather, the thinnest part of your torso)? I would love to see what this looks like with the belt closer to the middle of your torso, rather than the empire line height.
    The dress is gorgeous though, wish I could jutify having one or two nice designer pieces as the quality and the fabric are just so much better.

  4. Looks great! So hearing you on the big calfs and boots issue- bain of my life finding boots that fit.

  5. I think you look absolutely lovely! The dress is beautiful, I think you can tell it's really good fabric - it has a wonderful drape. Good investment :-) All in all I think a really nice outfit. Simple colours with different textures and a pretty necklace. Yay!

  6. You look amazing!! And I hear ya about boots... It took me forever to find some that fit (and that I actually liked...). I'd say that this dress was worth every penny! I'm curious to see the other ways in which it can be worn now!

  7. oooh, brave...i've toyed with the belt-over-top of a cardi but haven't actually been brave enought to do it yet! :)
    I'd be interested to see all 4 ways this dress goes...Deex

  8. Wow, thank you for all those nice comments. The boots are from Sucklings in Christchurch, but the label has worn off the sole! I can tell they are Germany made - either Kubo or Hogl do wider calf fittings check out (these are the closest pair to the ones I have). I will wear the dress in one of the other ways next week (it ties up into a top). Rhiannon - I did try the belt out lower (more on the natural waist) but it just adds volume to my tummy which is not a good thing trust me! Oh and the necklace is a gift from Jordan - I love my jewellry and scarves for distracting the eye!


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