Sunday, August 1, 2010

Whatcha doin?

Today was the warmest (and possibly the windiest) its been in months.  The sun shone into my little sewing nook as I whiled away the afternoon, but really today was all about....

Baking up a storm!!  These are carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing (I wanted to do sugared violets for the decoration, but I couldn't find any in the garden at the mo).   I had a hilarious and messy time with Lala licking the beaters and getting cream cheese icing in her you remember that scene in Something about Mary with the 'hair gel'? - that was Lala with the stand up hairdo.

I'm super-yippy-skippy excited to be taking part in my first ever swap (I keep finding out about these things after the closing date) - there is a button to the right of this post - open to everyone of a crafty persuasion to sign up until 10th August, and you have until October to get the package together.

The last couple of evenings I've been cutting out Spring/Summer stuff for my Felt shop and I might give you a sneak peak of what I'm up to later in the week, along with some pics of my handmade giveaway...I'm nearly halfway toward my goal of 50 'likers' (still don't like saying that) on Facebook.  Once I'm there, the giveaway will begin!

Hope you had a lazy Sunday :)



  1. We also had a lovely relaxing Sunday. Baking with the kids is great don't you think. We made some cakes that looked just like these last week. Sprinkles are such a hit with little ones. Carrot with cream cheese icing sounds delish, mine were chocolate with vanilla icing-I'll put a pic on my snapshots page

  2. Yes I agree, cooking with kids is so rewarding on many levels, playing, pouring, counting, trying new foods.... I have happy memories of cooking with my mama and I hope to build the same with Lala. Thank you for your kind comment, I'll go check out your choccie/vanilla ones....but I just flicked over and saw easy Apricot slice on your page, I'll have to give that a go!


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)