Friday, September 10, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string....

....these are a few of my favourite things.  There is a flow of packages going in and out of my house. I love the equilibrium goin on round here, as fast as my creations are going out into the world, I'm receiving amazing creativity back.  (Of course Huz just calls this 'shopping').

Here are some orders all ready to go.  I received not one but two awesome parcels in the post on the same day my ones went.  Huz knew I would be excited - he even rang me at work to let me know I had cool stuff to open when I got home.  I know, I'm easy to please most of the time.

I got a big parcel from clever Clare over at Green Valley Crafts....she made the call "swapsies?" on her blog a couple of weeks ago, to which I replied "Heck yeah" so I've been working on a skirt for her, or I would be but I've been somewhat hampered by one of my suppliers being inside the cordoned off zone of central city Christchurch. Still Clare is super awesome understanding about the whole thing, just makes me smile that the blogging community is full of friendly, supportive, likeminded people......THANK YOU!!  So from Clare:
Lala is obsessed with 'birdies' at the mo - this designer bib was a bit of a no brainer, at least she will keep it on!
And some more papery goodness - I have some little people birthdays to celebrate later in the month.

Also, while I was buying Huz's Father's Day pressie recently, I couldn't resist some little clips from Jacolily. How cute are these? The theory goes, one set for me and one for a gift, but I'm not sure I can decide. Love the adorable packaging too!

Speak of gift giving, Xmas is starting to feature on my to do list.  Last year I committed to a handmade Christmas, but I'm not putting pressure on myself to do it all in one year - rather I'm picking a project a year and building up our family traditions and handmade loveliness over time.  I'm thinking Christmas Angel for the tree this year a la Steiner (I've read a few online tuts on making Steiner dolls and I'm just going to wing it).

Anyway, I came across this lovely Xmas tree giveaway at Leonie's blog Kiwi at Heart, a beautiful addition to anyone's Christmas decoration stash.

Hope all is well in your world


  1. Thanks for featuring my clips. Have you ever been to Spindlewood in St Martins? Great Steiner toy shop and I think they sometimes run or know of people who run Steiner dolls & xmas decoration workshops, especially round this time of year.

  2. Awww. Thanks! Your Isla is a sweetie! x


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