Monday, September 20, 2010

Children's Clothing Challenge

I guess its feast after number two of the day after a week of nothing and I still have another one to go (or maybe I'll do that tomorrow - see how it goes).


Anyho, I signed up for this some time ago (man its come up fast) and I have in mind to finish something I cut out arhem last summer.  Its a skirt from some gorgeous vintage gingham (actually two skirts - there was enough fabric to make one for my shop too).  I bought a plain ribbed singlet to do some embellishment on to tie in with the skirt, using an also vintage covered popper kit.  I've never seen them for sale, so if you know of where to find any please let me know, I'm super keen to get some more if I can. 

Well, I'm off to whip this up - there will be a show and tell later in the week :)  Check out Elsie Marley's blog and flicker photostream for heaps of inspiration - there are 350+ people worldwide involved this year, including some very clever kiwis.

Hope all is well in your world.

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