Monday, September 6, 2010

Counting my Blessings

What did you do for Father's Day?  This post was going to be all about showing you some really cool presents I bought and made for my Husband for Father's Day.
However Saturday morning while we lay a slumbering the earth was planning an early morning wake up call.  The rumbling which proceeds a big earthquake woke me and I lay there for a split second not really believing that sound - I mean Christchurch - really?  When the shaking started for real I sprang out of bed like I'd been tazered heading for Lala's cot - a journey of less than 10 steps.  I fell over twice.  It was like running across a bouncy castle drunk, I aimed to run in a straight line but ended up meandering all over the place... 

Somehow Isla was still asleep, but when I picked her up she was immediately shaken out of my hands back onto the cot to bounce around wide awake now.  I caught her on the second upswing.

Husband was hot on my heels and flicked on the lights as he got to Isla's door.  Two seconds later it went black as all the power went out - that was perhaps the scariest thing, clinging together in the darkness listening to the crash and smash of cupboards being emptied onto the floor and pictures jumping off the wall.  While we sat their and our eyes adjusted, one of my dressforms jittered out of the living room and came down in front of us.  Huz, who has never experienced an earthquake said "Is this a big one?" Ahhhhhhhh, yup honey.

But back to father's day and the real reason for my post.  I just want to express to the world that one of the biggest blessings in my life is my lovely Huz who is the sort of man who hopes for the best and plans for the worst. 

Thanks to him, we had a stockpile of water, batteries, torches, food, a camp stove and full gas bottles.  OK we could have done better - for example we will be going and buying an old fashioned phone which doesn't require power to run (our power wasn't restored until dusk), but overall I have him to thank for Saturday being more like camping in our backyard than surviving a natural disaster.

 I got him this beautiful print from Sweet William which says "When we love we grow". It looked great on the Internet, but absolutely amazing when in turned up in the post - thanks Shells, you and your sister are very talented women!!

Also I gifted him some PJ bottoms which I worked on with my dressmaking class.  They are made up from quilter's cotton, using my own pattern - so they are probably the most expensive PJ bottoms on the planet!  Still they are really easy to master and you could cut costs by upcycling a retro sheet.  I noticed a promising looking unisex pattern in Amy Karol's (Angry Chicken) book Bend the Rules Sewing.  I love PJs, they are pretty much my uniform for around the house! 

Hope you had a lovely Father's Day and all is well in your world.


  1. He's a lucky fella, he is. I like your description of him "who hopes for the best and plans for the worst" - the perfect man! x

  2. Sounds like such a freaky day for Christchurch! I've been in a few smaller earthquakes, but nothing like that... Glad you are all safe and unharmed and still managed a lovely father's day... x

  3. Yes I like that description too of your special hubby and daddy!! Glad you are all ok down there and glad to see an update too xxxx

  4. Glad you are okay. Sounds like you had a wonderful Father's Day, too!

  5. Glad to hear you are all ok. All my husbands family live in Chch so was a pretty freaky time for them as well. My poor niece's 1 year party was to be on Saturday out at Hororata so had to be cancelled.
    I hope my little parcel of hairclips still gets to you safely.
    And I love those pj pants.

  6. The print is gorgeous! So very happy to hear that you are ok. Still thinking of you!

  7. The print is STUNNING, I love it. Pleased you are all safe and hope Isla is not to upset by all these aftershocks.

  8. Oh wow! Glad you guys are ok, Sounds like a terrifying experience.
    The pjs pants and print are both gorgeous.

  9. I must admit that Lala is staying VERY close to Mummy and leaps into my arms at each aftershock, we discuss it and together agree the the floor is all wiggly

  10. Wow what an incredible description of your experience of the quake. I really hope that you are coping with it all. I should imagine there will be a lot of traumatised people around after all this! Your gifts for your hubby are lovely. Sounds like he deserves them!

  11. Wow glad you are ok. We had a minor earthquake a couple of months ago and it was like heavy trucks were speeding past the house, but that only lasted a few seconds that must have been scary for it to be going on what must have seemed like an eternity and all the rumbling afterwards.


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