Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space

Today the weather Gods were good, and my lovely daughter was in the mood for dress ups, so I got to photograph this outfit I made for Elise Marley's Kids Clothing Week challenge.
Little french knots in the flowers....I love adding 'secret' details

When I dressed her Lala exclaimed "Ballerina" and commenced the twirling.  Bless
The skirt is a little big still, but I'm happy with the top - the running stitch around the neckline and the voile corsage is a reference to Lala's love of Mama's jewellery.  The brooch is attached with a dome to make the singlet easier to clean (and lets face it soak), but I'm toying with the idea of sewing a dome to her jacket too so we can take the corsage with us....

I made an extra skirt and will load that into my Felt shop shortly.

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  1. wow, this really is just too cute. Loving the skirt and the corsage. It makes me want a wee girl.

  2. So adorable. I love the corsage, very pretty.


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