Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh how lovely

So up 'till yesterday I was experiencing a week long writer's block - and then the lovely Leonie from Kiwiatheart and the equally lovely Rhiannon of Remarquable Junque surprised me with this:

yes I know this is doing the rounds of the blogosphere at the mo, but it really did cheer me up and make me feel (momentarily) special but mainly inspired me to keep on blathering away about life, craft and whatever.  There were some rules that came with this, the first being to thank Leonie - well that's easy pssst go check out her cute as Christmas trees and little bird cages with handmade birds in them, she really does have some brillant ideas.  And thanks to Rhiannon who is a fellow collector of vintage children's books and old stuffy stuff.

The other stipulations were to nominate 15 blogs and 'pay [the compliment] forward'

Now, I don't really have much of a problem with that, there are some truly beautiful blogs I love to read, but many of my favourites have already received this or other awards just recently (The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse, Seaside Siblings, Green Valley Crafts, Cotton Kiwi, Mousehouse all come in under that category) soooooo I'm bending the rules to suit me (what a rebel eh?).

Here are some blogs I love to read, which you may or may not have visited and why I like them:

Screamstress - she has a gift for humorous writing AND she does Roller Derby, you can read all about her team in the latest copy of Extracurricular.  Very very kwel in my book.

Polli - graphic designer, photographer and jewellery maker.  Has a lovely soft, sort of shabby chic but much edger than that sense to her work - oh never mind, just have a look.

Owlet - a sewer and chooser of lovely fabrics, but also I love all the insights and activities she shares with her children and with then the blogosphere in due course.

Her Library Adventures - she has op shopping and bargain finding down to a fine art.

Myrtle & Eunice - beautiful knitting, beautiful photography, written with her tongue firmly in cheek and a smile not far away.

Little Betty - prolific crafter of gorgeous garments, and I think my life is busy - this lady does Uni and looks after 3 kids too.

So hopefully there are six great blogs there you may not have heard of.  Well, back to my sewing I guess.
Hope all is well in your world.


  1. Thankyou I am thrilled to be part of your lovely blogs! I will endeavour to fulfill my part of the bargain soon. Anyway to contact me is fine, if my e-mail is not linked to my blog (it should be but I'm a little tech-clueless!) it is screamstress@hotmail.com. Thanks!

  2. Hiya!!Woohoo thanks a bunch that would be awesome! Nice to hear from you! I would love to accept the award :) Do i just grab the button of your page?

    Love your shop as well it's just beautiful! :)

  3. Hey, I came by to find your email address, because you were on my list of lovely blogs to pass the award on to, but it seems you already have it :) anyway, you're still on the list here: http://remarquablejunque.blogspot.com/2010/09/goodies-galore.html

  4. Why thanks Laser Pegs - I am working on it, and should be able to provide some more ideas in the next months or so

  5. My hearty thanks - this sort of thing always makes me blush a bit! And you're right. It did make my day in an extremely timely fashion. Second day of school hols, eighth dinner to cook for the inlaws (I'm going to run out of repertoire soon...) yada yada.

    PS. Love it that you 'fess up to five projects on the go (minimum?) in your profile...

  6. Yup 5 minimum *grin*, maybe more if you count being chief consultant on Dad's bathroom resotration ('cos I'm a designer daaarling - apparently I'm meant to know all about bathroom fixtures). Release creative mayhem in the kitchen - capers, chickpeas and udon noodles say....whats the worst that could happen? Maybe the inlaws will take pity on your children and take you out for dinner the rest of their stay - that wouldn't be too bad would it?

  7. Congratulations! I'm so glad Rhiannon gave you one, as I really wanted to too! I don't think I'll do the awards thing again though, as it's just too hard choosing favourite blogs! I love sooo many!!


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