Monday, September 27, 2010

September Fridge Chronicles:

I'm taking part in the Fridge Chronicles this month (hosted by Maxabella loves).  Evidently I need to have a little clean up - its amazing to me that you can live with the tide of paperwork and 'stuff' building up in your life and not notice until you see it on camera - woah, yes I believe we have a silver fridge under there somewhere.

Two things I love as I look through the takeaway menus, meal planner and library print outs is....

The second certificate (for swimming) of many - just what exactly are you suppose to do with this stuff ??  Oh yeah, right - get out that scrapbooking stuff and use it instead of just turning up at my friend's house every week for "Scrapbooking night" to drink wine and watch TV.

And finally a postcard bought by Huz recently on a work trip to illustrate his point that "West Coast people are a mad breed" yes that is a one way bridge shared by cars and trains.  Huz was a bit perplexed to be staring down the large single headlight of a train the evening he drove over - no prizes for guessing who gives way.

Check out Maxabella's blog for some insight into other people's lives - there is a wee bit of voyeur in all of us!


  1. Those certificates breed all right. Popping over from Maxabella Loves to check out your fridge. I used to have those magnetic words on my fridge (when I had one you could stick stuff to - modern technology is not all good!) - I loved them!

  2. Thanks for linking! I gotta get into that scrap booking thing too. But somehow I'd just much rather drink the wine!!! x


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