Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Wardrobe

Hi all
Today's wardrobe is all about practicality. In the back of my mind I'm thinking what can I wear that won't impede me if I have to duck under a table or into a doorway!

Jeans - Lee trumpet legs (old faithfuls, hand me downs from a friend)
Stripe tee - Witchery (via the op shop)
Cardi - no label (also via the op shop)
Brooch - which was the inspiration for the whole outfit (Clare at Green Valley)
Shoes - Caro Garcia, Spanish leather ones from very swanky shop in Wellington, bought on sale for $200!! I remember because it took me 4 weeks to pay them off on layby, but they are made of the softest leather and are over a decade old....and I still love them and wear them heaps,

I guess that says a lot about my philosophy for buying clothes/accessories. I don't often buy retail, but I try and get the best quality I can afford. If you think about it they actually cost me $20 per year and still going strong.

Lala wants you to know that her jumper is Bobux, Jeans 'Jack and Milly' and shoes 'Hoof' - both via Trademe.

For more peaks in various wardrobes around the country check out Clare's blog
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  1. What a lovely brooch! I'm going to have to make myself a gorgeous brooch, feeling rather inspired :) With you on the boots - I think my boots cost me more than anything I own (including my wedding dress!), but they're worth every cent & I'll wear them forever.

    Our Big Adventure

  2. Yay! I love your cardi too, its great. Glad you like the brooch :)

  3. wow the brooch really is beautiful! Hope your nerves are holding up with all these aftershocks.

  4. I love to create outfits around accessories, and that is a mighty fine brooch to base one around.
    Loving the cardi and the shoes. Wish I had shoes that would last that long, perhaps the key is paying lots and lots for them.

  5. Well, yes and no with regards to spending lots and lots - some designer gear really isn't worth the money. Hand lasted shoes tho - they are worth every penny

  6. You should check out the op shop in Sumner beside the supermarket, you might say it is my local, lol. Very cool stuff x

  7. I too love the brooch. I think you look fantastic, especially for someone who has spent the last few days living in a kind of hell. My brother, my sister, my father all live in christchurch. it sounds like all that are there have been tho=rough (are still going through) some pretty hard times.

  8. You both look great! Love the stripey shirt, think I NEED a stripey shirt!


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