Sunday, October 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Borne Naked Handbag Liner

I am one of the lucky KMB Bloggers to be given a Borne Naked handbag liner to check out and you dear reader may be lucky enough to win one....'cos I was given 2 one for keepsies and one for sharesies!

When I heard about this product I thought huh?  An organiser for your handbag?  Isn't that like a pet for your dog....and then I thought about all those times my handbag has let me down.  Standing at the front of the cue in the library for instance, having to unpack the contents of my bag onto the counter find that dang library card only to discover I hadn't bought it because its back in my other bag...or was it that other bag?
Before....Its in there somewhere

Yup I'm a bag lover, and a busy Mum with a home business and a part time job.  I pretty much have a bag (or two) for each persona.  I like to think I'm organised... I do have a system for keeping my personal effects under control.  Did I mention I like bags?  This is my justification for have loads of little zip purses - I have one for dressmaking equipment, one for makeup/on the go medical stuff - rescue remedy, plasters, Anica cream; three wallets - one for the business, one for me and a coin purse for my coffee card....etc. 

I do have a system, but Murphy's Law states I will leave one of these
zip purses behind in a bag swap-a-roo and that will be the one I need....

Seriously, I'm not going to bore you with a breakdown of everything I carry, suffice to say I had a system, its just that it only worked some of the time and that's because I would move items over to another bag (say grown up bag to swimming bag) and think -"I won't need my business card case just to go swimming." and then someone will as me for my card.  Or I would leave my coin purse behind and discover no free parks and need change. 

Essentials bagged!

I had to do a little rationalisation to get all my essentials into the Borne Naked liner, including getting rid of a few of my zip purses *sigh*, but in the end everything fitted save my diary, my tote and the wallet I use to hold all my loyalty cards (it could have fitted but I didn't want to overstuff it, otherwise I'd be unpacking my liner to get to stuff at the bottom). 

Solution? I could buy the bigger sized liner....yus!  It comes in a Baby bear and Papa bear size as well
- which would be fantastic if you were a) Me or b) charcterising your 'on the go crafty project' or book essential or c) biking to work or using the gym before work.

After: the liner gives a bit of structure to my unstructured bag, so that everything is easier to see not just the essentials within it.


Well, I got the liner on Monday and have tried it out for nearly a full week and I have to say I like it very muchly.   I especially like the thick plastic its made of - its pliable, but also holds it shape rather than collapsing into itself - this means with my phone rings I can dive my hand in, without looking and come out with said cell phone every time (Yes dear friends, this now means I am likely to answer your call before it goes to answerphone - sorry about before).  Definitely a good decision not to overstuff it - I don't want to be peering into my bag to look for x, y, z - by using the side pockets in the liner, everything can be found fast by feel.

I think if you have never had any system for keeping you handbag in check you will be quietly amazed at what this does for you.  For those organised types like me, I have to admit that my system was flawed and this goes that extra step - not only can I find everything, everything I need comes from one bag to another. 


Well congrats, you got to the bottom of the page (yeah, I know it was a bit of a ramble) - so for your chance to win a Borne Naked Liner simply leave me a comment with your name and email address.  Simple as!

I'll draw the winner next Monday 1st November.  Comp open to NZ residents only please.

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  1. oooh, they look great. would love to win one and sort out my messy bag.
    lydia persson

  2. These are an awesome idea. I've loved being nosy at what everyone keeps in their bags too!

  3. OOOOHHHH! I too am a 'lady of many bags' and I neeeeed this. NEED!

  4. awesome stuff definitely want to be in the draw for this!

  5. My bag has no pockets at all and is just a big black hole!! sounds like this is exactlly what i need.

  6. Ooo, yes please. Being a complete bag lady even before baby, I am in desperate need of some organising aid!

  7. What a great idea! I must have one..I constantly loose things in my bag - always fishing around it for my keys while trying to keed one eye on what the kids are up to! And I change my handbag with my outfit most days - so a brilliant timesaver!

  8. That's great bag organizer. This will turn ordinary bag into your own nappy bag too :)

  9. How fab! Sara Mason

  10. I would LOVE and really NEED one of these!!

  11. I would love to win a bag organiser, I sometimes swap handbags every day and HATE having to remember to move everything - probably because I often forget!

  12. I would also love to win one. My bag is like a junk heap - it all gets thrown in (and then thrown out again when I am looking for my ringing phone!!!)

  13. oops, just realised only open for NZ residents.. can give you a nz address if I win if thats ok? moving home very soon!!!

  14. What a fantastic idea! Would love to win this.

  15. I like to think I'm organised but one of these would probably save me the time spent each week having a big handbag clearout hehe

  16. oops forgot to include my email vintagemum[@]hotmail dot com


  17. My bag is a little bottomless like Mary Poppins carpet bag. This would probably save me a lot of time searching for my necessities : )

  18. and my email! chantal_j[@]hotmail dot com

  19. please put me in your draw
    Id like to win one back to give to my daughter for Christmas


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