Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ki Ora Kaikoura

I mentioned to my friend Ngaire in an email recently that Lala and I were tagging along to Kaikoura with the Huz on a work gig for a couple of days. She asked me, tongue in cheek, to tell her what Kaikoura was like when it wasn't raining.

True, Kaikoura can seem like and inhospitable place, perched between mountains and sea it does get buffeted by winds and more than its far share of rain. Its an 'on the way' sort of place - halfway between Picton and Christchurch with its main drag choc full of Farming supply stores and takeaway bars.

However, scratch beneath the surface, because Kaikoura at this time of year, on a sunny day, is a jewel - the snow capped mountains, the water and the limestone pebble beach all sparkle and glow. It made all the colours super crisp, fresh, new. I'm inspired to design a quilt a la Soulemama in the colours I saw.

There was some shopping, some Saturday morning marketing, exploration of the coastline and a walk around a Lavender Farm but the absolute highlight of our weekend was a trip to see seal pups playing together under a waterfall at Oahu Stream (20 mins North of Kaikoura along the highway - look out for the DOC signage).

Swonderful we could see these beautiful creatures on their own terms, in their own habitat without being charge a fortune or passing a gift shop on the way out.

This little trip was just the thing to revitalise the mind and now I can return to my space to design and produce. In fact I returned home to an re-order on the answerphone from Milou* (go Lorelei!)

*Milou is this fantastic little gift shop in Lyttelton where I have recently started to stock some of my wares. I plan to blog about at the end of the week.


  1. Oh those seal cubs are so freaken adorable!

  2. Thanks for your comments! What a choice fan you are! xx

  3. I wanna go back and see the seals! It rained and poured when we were there. We did have a great nights stay in a motel and a lovely dinner and brekky though!


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