Thursday, October 28, 2010

My creative space - about time...

As in "its about time I got on with this."  A gift for a friend who is expecting her first child - a change mat and nappy wallet (probably the most useful thing I made for us).  Its been on the 'to do' list for around 6 weeks, but now Annie is in her final month and Sprockett may appear at any day.

It involves machine quilting.  In my head I've been making it out to be far more tedious than it is.  I guess I have a hard time with what I think are "the boring bits" and I'm willing to admit plenty of my projects have stalled because of this.

However, marking and sewing all those straight lines took all of 30 mins, so silly me for putting it off!  Now to make some matching binding and a wallet to hold all those nappy change essentials.

Typically, now I've spied Kirsty's hyperbolic crochet balls this is all I want to make, but I'm disciplining myself to finish a few WIPs first.  Pop along to Kirsty's for more creative spaces today.

By the by, I'm running a giveaway which closes on 1st November, just leave a comment on that post with an email address and your in to win.


  1. That fabric is fantastic, good choice! I'm sure your friend will love the gift, nappy change wallets are the most useful present for a new mum EVER!

  2. Yay for orange! and tackling machine quilting!

  3. Funky fabric! It's so nice to have something cool to brighten your day when you're changing nappies. Much needed : )

  4. I love the colours you've used ... the red and orange look beautiful together.
    My Creative Space

  5. Making things for others gives great satisfaction...unless they say thanks and sit aside straight away....hee hee.
    Adorable fabric


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