Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Dreams

You may be forgiven for thinking that I haven't been up to much due the general lack of blog posting lately....well you'd half right. 

I have been merrily crafting away some lovely things for my swap partner Ngaire.  I can't share just yet - but stay tuned.  I took lots of pictures and wrote a tutorial on one thing, and maybe I'll do so for another.
On the other hand, as we seem to be over the worst of this earthquake business touch wood my body has decided (without consulting with me I might add) that it is time for sleep, sleep and more sleep - seriously I can't get enough of it. My husband, who does have some authority in these matters, believes I have "Post Traumatic Stress" I know that sounds so woosie, but I guess sometimes your body knows best.

On a happier note, I went to a gathering of like minded crafty peeps last night.  Crafty Business is a regular (monthly) thing.  Some sessions are just chat, a chance to met the face behind some gorgeous products and get inspiration, other sessions are more structured around a business topic specific to craft based business - check out their blog it a goldmine!  If you live in the Christchurch area it would be lovely to see you there.

Hope all is well in your world.


  1. So happy to hear that you are feeling better. The Crafty Business blog is amazing!

  2. Aww, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my WW post from last week, you are so sweet :o)


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)