Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Wardrobe Moment

I like to play along with Clare's Wardrobe Wednesdays. This week (perhaps its the onset of Spring?) I've had a bit of a clean out - well, more accurately I've stripped my wardrobe - gone are two bin liners full of clothes.

Funny thing is, I don't feel I have anything less to wear, rather I feel better about me. Gone are all the clothes that just don't and may never fit me (no judgement there, no longing and wishing - just the truth). I was harsh - all my beautiful designer stuff I haven't worn in 3 plus years because its two sizes too small...gone! Hey, the Op-shop Gods have been good to me, so someone will find some lovely pieces and actually wear them. And I feel this gives me the necessary vacuum to put to the top of my 'To do' list some new clothes for moi.
So instead of me showcasing my favourite outfit of the week, check out my lovely wee girl. This is the outfit I made for Elise Marley's Kids Week Clothing Challenge. The skirt is a vintage gingham fabric I've had in my stash for some years and I'm happy to finally use it! The singlet is a bought one - the hand applied running stitch and voile flower motif are a reference to Miss Lala's proclivity for dressing up in Mama's clothes. She is her mother's daughter.
For more lovelies in inspiring outfits, go check out Clare's blog. 


  1. Hi Nin!
    The skirt and top are just so gorgeous!

  2. Oh she looks so sweet!Love the little cardi. Good on you for having that wardrobe cleanout-an inspiration for all of us!

  3. She looks so lovely! Very lucky to have a clever mummy!


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