Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WW: Scandinavian Boho

...Yeah I wish - I'm not tall or blond, but I do love traditional Scandinavian folkart-ish-ness and this Boho top is sort of in this vein.  Which is what attracted me to it. But in fact it is quite hard to wear blousey fullness if you are short and built like a jelly baby through the midriff, so I'm not sure if its for me or not. 

I'm surrounded by florals at work, big bright beautiful florals tempting my each week to spend my entire wage packet.  I had a fleeting thought as I threw on clothes this morning that perhaps I could just wear my usual black and hide behind some fabric but that would be cheating.  In a wildly optimistic moment I bought some of the green fabric on the bottom row in this picture a couple of days ago to make into a top for today - its not quite started yet as I have Mama-to-be gifts to make and new outlets to stock, but maybe next week.

Jeans - Max (new!!)
Necklace - My swap partner Ngaire gave this to me and I'm so in love with it I'm wearing it with everything
Top and Cardi - thrifted
Shoes - those ridiculously expensive ones that just keep on keepin on

For more Wardrobes head over to Clare's for a look-see


  1. Oooooooh that top is beautiful! I absolutely love it! Looking gorgeous, and showing great restraint in not taking all of those fabrics home every night instead of being paid ;)

  2. Aww man!! I just passed through chch this weekend, had no idea this shop existed!!! oh well will have to wait till next visit... you look gorgeous! I love that top, and necklace x

  3. You look gorgeous! Such a beautiful top, I'm a real sucker for that colour combo (and the scandinavian thang). Choice.

  4. Aw, you look so pretty, lovely top and a stunning necklace.

  5. The necklace goes perfectly with the scandinavian top!


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