Monday, November 22, 2010

Cut:Stitch:Breathe, repeat

I've been cutting and sewing my little heart out preparing for A Craft Christmas Market and making goodies for two Christmasy swaps. Here is a little progress report on the first - a Secret Santa swap with 3 fellow Felt-ers dotted around New Zealand. 

Oh and coming up fast, the two most important people in my life are having birthdays and then there is that celebration at the end of December.....yikes.  Breathe.  Its way too early to be freakin out about Christmas don't you think? 

Are you one of those uber-organised types that has started (or even completed?!) their Christmas shopping - well kudos to you.  I'm more the 'just in time' type and I hoping I'm not the only one out there?

On that note - Cut, Stitch, Breathe....

Hope all is well with you.

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