Monday, November 29, 2010

The final countdown

So further to last week's freakout post and in the week leading up the markets I have managed to get some great (well I think they are) photos of the little purses I've been working on....
and I've managed to update my Felt shop today.  Is it just me, or is writing copy for online shops freakin hard?
I have come to the conclusion that I just won't be able to photograph and update everything I'm making to the Felt shop prior to market, there will be a few suprises for market-goers, which I will put on Felt after the first event. 

Stay tuned, as later in the week I'll be running a blog/FB readers market special (but I'm thinking it wouldn't be fair not to include you just because you don't live in my town.....any ideas or suggestions peeps??)


  1. Oh, those are CUTE! Love them... nice photos - they show off your little purses well!!!

  2. Very nice indeed, loving the last one, cheers Marie

  3. They look great, and well done on the photos, very useful!

  4. Thanks for stopping by - actually the b&w photo was of my daughter with our friends! After receiving your comment I realised it was a bit confusing so I've put a caption by the photo now :o) These purses really are lovely, I've been browsing your Felt shop!!!

  5. Go for gold - the purses look great - best of luck for the market : )

  6. Very cute! I hope I get to chch in time for your market - have lined up my MIL to pick us up from airport & go straight to market so heres hoping!


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