Monday, November 8, 2010

Is this your Neck of the Woods?

I have for some time now been searching for the right "Bricks and Mortar" shops to sell my wares. Luckily my lovely Australian cousin came visiting some months ago was so enamoured with my softies she took some russian lovelies home to hang out in Neck of the Woods. (185 Pittwater Road, Manly, Sydney if your in the area).
Nicky does an amazing job of sourcing beautiful objects from all over.  If only I could do my Christmas shopping in Sydney this year I would have:

Handknitted poof by Christein Meindertsma

Nordic Cuckcoo Clock

House Doctor Lamp

Hand embellished cushions by Mr & Mrs White
I have no idea how I would get the poof on the plane, but its nice to daydream about lovely things isn't it?


  1. Gorgeous! Congrat's on getting some stuff over in her shop, looks like you are in good company too some of the other stuff looks very lovely too! xo

  2. Clare - I *know* can you believe it? I'm pretty lucky to have such a great cousin who is sauve and fashionable and didn't mind 'talking me up' to the right person.


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