Monday, November 29, 2010

A low key affair

I've wrestled with myself over whether to post about my Husband and daughter's birthdays.  Why?  Well, I've seen some gorgeous little people birthdays here and here and here and here.  For a while I felt I would be depriving Lala by:
a. combining her birthday with her Dad's; and
b. well for reasons which will bore you I didn't do invitations, a theme, goodie bags, costumes, decorations....

I'm creative right?  I'm organised?  I should be able to throw an original and unique and amazing bash and post fantastic photos for you to oooh and aaaah over right?  Right.  Well yes, I could have killed myself and stayed up to the wee small hours planning and crafting on top of the 70+ hours a week I'm currently doing, but here's the thing.  Shes two years old (well she will be later this week).  Will she really remember or appreciate Mum's handmade themed decorations?  Will she care that I made five different kinds of party food?  I caught myself wondering "Who would I be doing this for....her or me?"  I really thought about it, and I decided for once I wanted a family occasion where I actually got time to socialise with the guests.

So (deep breath) I decided that what would make her day special and memorable would be family and togetherness.  Here's what we did on Saturday.

Lala helped me cook Dad's birthday cake.....

and her favourite carrot cupcakes, with cream cheese icing and sprinkles. 

We had a simple BBQ lunch

My talented Auntie's Lamb Salad with Vietnamese dressing YUM-O!
And four generations came to shower Lala with love and attention (oh and Huz too)....
a long with a few presents

Now, don't get me wrong when she gets a little older and has little friends to invite along, then you might just catch me blogging about a "Fairies and Toadstools" party or something like that.  I truly admire those bloggers out there who have done amazing things (and I've linked four of my favs above), from illustrating the invitations to theming every little detail from costumes to party favors. 

I just think as mothers we can be awfully competitive when it comes to our children - I catch myself from falling into that trap nearly every single day of the week.  I wanted to provide an alternative point of view.  OK, so its not the sort of party that would grace the pages of Home and Garden or anything, but there was something charming and authentic and lovely about the whole day.  Besides, look at that face
Job well done Mama - that is one happy child.


  1. This looks just like our type of party. There's nothing like a good family get together and four generations is a real treat. She's a very lucky girl:)

  2. That sounds like the kinda party I would like to have. Happy Birthday to Lala and G. I hope they both have lovely days.

  3. GO YOU!! You rock. We had a bbq at the beach for my la's first birthday - it was cool! x

  4. We are so on the same page. I try very hard with my girls to avoid so much of the consumer culture that see's people go mad with things like parties. She looks like she had a blast and what better way to spend her birthday than with those that love her the most.

  5. I think it looks like it was the perfect day for you all! I don't think I am going to do too much the first couple of years, either... but I do look forward to hosting birthday tea parties when she's older and has some little friends to invite :o)

  6. Looks just perfect! My big boy and I are sharing a family and friends all in bbq this year. I think the important thing is that everyone (including the mums) are happy and relaxed. Your party looks great, I know exactly where you're coming from :)

  7. It looks perfect, and the food looks divine! We miss having our family nearby to share birthdays with. thats what it is all about.
    I go all out for my kids birthdays, but not because I am trying to be competitive, it is truly an outlet for my creativity. I get an idea and go from there. I try to spend as little as possible. Now my kids are older they are getting involved with the creating and its lots of fun. We even found out my hubby is quite creative too *grin*
    just this weekend we've had a fairy and toadstools party - lol....
    I love the picture of your little one helping make the cake - so adorable.


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