Thursday, November 11, 2010

My creative space...moving

What's this?

Other than the obvious, this is a big change, new possibilities... a studio of my own. Excuse me while do a little happy dance

Wanna see how the birdies turned out from last week?
Not great photos sorry about that - but you get a sense of a picnic in a meadow don't you?  A few more fabric blossoms need to be sewn onto our 'tree' - raided from a friends pruning pile yesterday.  Before you ask I did take some photos from the outside, but the sun was hitting the window.
Their fat little bodies and short wings are so quail-ish don't you think? So they are quails, but according to the book they are either:
  • a scented sachet or
  • a pin cushion. 
I'm quite wrapped I have enough scraps of fabric for the nest. It was touch and go. Ended up doing the rounds in single crochet and it looked like a rather avant garde facinator to start with. I think I'm on to something there.

Pop along to Kirsty's for more creative spaces.


  1. I love your space!! Couldn't find your email to reply to your comment re my cupcake. I love making them - and don't mind the smaller scale at all!

  2. Wowee, a studio space all of your envious ;-). Love the bird in the nest - fabbo!

  3. Birds look great! Can't wait to see you studio :-)

  4. Lovely birds and nest- great idea. Drooling over your space too- fantastic!

  5. studio shot - oh i want one like that!!!!!! Sounds exciting. Your birds are sweet too and the pics I liked!!

  6. Oh wow! The birds are gorgeous!!!!
    And your own space!!! How exciting!

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! and I was excited about a cupboard! I am so excited for you. Look at that natural light streaming in! fab birds too, well done. x


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