Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: The blast from the past post

So if you aren't up to speed on the whole Wardrobe Wednesday challenge set by Clare last week, it was to post a pic of your school ball dress. 

Trouble is, I've moved heaps since then, from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern and then all around and around and around, so this is the best I could do.  I'm sorry its such a cope out, but I reckon Tim's tie more than makes up for it.

I wish I could show you a full length of my Lady Miss Kerr pirate blouse, long straight hobble skirt, platforms and vintage pinstripe waistcoat with upcycled gold buttons on it. 

The dinner was our last night out on a school Art trip to Paris, 1993.  Chez Eugene, while promisingly nestled in the heart of Montmartre, turned out to be picked for its cut price menu rather than the stunning ambience*or fantastic service.  Lack of food and lashings of wine is the only reason I can think of for being pictured wearing my napkin as a Nun's habit.  Cute non?
And finally as if that wasn't funny enough - here I am in the dress I actually wore to my school ball, but styled with velvet hat, Dr Martins and vintage men's tux.  I am not prepared to explain the pose, sorry.

 *check out those lightshades and paper tableclothes

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  1. Ba ha ha ha! That last one's fantastic! I do love the 'napkin' too. Awesome :)


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