Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: A nod to Grandpa

This week is all about the shoes really, and the brooch.  My bestie, the colour fanatic aka "Lotsasparkles" no, really thats her nickname has influenced me there.  Before I met her it was all neutrals and carefully matched pieces, now I can't leave the house without a bit of colour, just a bit mind.
These brogues are well over 10 years old.  As we all know fashion works in cycles and I've noticed the "grandpa look" is coming back in. 
I love 'em and truly I've been wearing them every year, despite whats 'in' or 'out'.  Is there an item or two in your closet you just love and wear, sod the trends?

By the way I am totally 'sucking in' in these pics - fake it 'till you make it I say!

Top - Witchery
Pants - Grace Hill by Ezibuy
Shoes - David Elman - NZ made yeeeeah!
Brooch - Tamsin Cooper
Head over to Clare's for more peeks in wardrobes


  1. Gorgeous pics honey! Go the shoes!

  2. I love the Tamsin Cooper brooch, I have a beautiful handbag by her (which has a busted zip...must get that fixed!). Those are fantastic shoes! And NZ made!!

    Ba ha ha the sucking in...I'm not past getting some extra help from Trinny & Susannah if you get what I mean ;) You look fabulous!

    Here I am...

  3. Those photos are very cute, especially the one with the little interloper! Love, love, love the shoes!

  4. Oh! I remember coveting those shoes (or very similar) when I was a poor student 10 years ago.... still am actually! Wow!

  5. So true with fashion trends. I often raid my mum's wardrobe to grab something from the past which suddenly became the fad. If only I got lots of space, I'll probably be keeping my "old clothes" too for my daughter to raid someday...


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