Friday, December 17, 2010

Phew - last market of the year

Its been all hands to the pumps this week, creating more Russian dolls to take to market tomorrow.
Here is a sneak peak of some of the dolls to go along with the bags, purses and ruffle skirts I made last week
Also I have very much enjoyed all the comments on my SewMamaSew giveaway competition.  It seems that crafters are the same the world over - what we long for is fabric, implements and time to craft it! 

  • To poor Julia who got a car buffer for her present last Christmas - that is terrible and not even funny!  Your man definitely needs some help - I suggest wishlists on Etsy and Felt (a NZ Handmade store). 

  • I really appreciate those of you who asked about the earthquake - there is still plenty of demoltion and reconstruction going on in our city, and in some parts there is still no running water or toilets.  It will take many years to repair and every time we have a aftershock I go to pieces a wee bit but this experience has made me feel even more for the people of Haiti, particularly the orphans, who are facing far far worst - please think of them this Christmas and if you pray, I urge you to remember them in your prayers.

  • To those of you who are hoping and praying for the blessing of children this Christmas - there can be no better gift, may you recieve what you desire!

As for me, well I don't need anything.  I would like more time to craft, a sleep-in, and a stress free Christmas day.  The Huz has been jumping out of his skin because he has got me something and he is really excited that its something I will like.  I love that he is so excited about it and of course, I am playing along with asking for hints and trying to guess.  I think my little girl has let the cat out of the bag though, she keeps saying 'guitar'.  I have wished for a Ukulele for many years, so maybe this Christmas I'll be annoying the neighbours and delighting my wee one with my own renditions of such classics as "Street with No Name" and "Rock the Casbar".

I have had precious little time to do Christmas baking this week and I still have stockings and some special presents to make eeeep - I guess I am a "last minute Lucy" - my Huz would be the first to tell you that I need a little tension to get things finished.  Well must get on with some embroidery.

Hope to see you at A Christmas Craft market tomorrow if your local.  If your not and you are interested I have items listed in my felt shop until tonight - the link is over there on the right.  My courier company can guarantee Christmas delivery NZ wide if the parcel goes on Monday or Tuesday.

Hope all is very well in your world.


  1. Enjoy the market, Notchka! The dolls look fab!!! x

  2. I love love love the wee dolls. they are super cute. Good luck with all the last minute gift making. I know I work best under pressure and there is nothing like "1 week to go" for a bit of motivation

  3. love your market goods Nin. I really hope you get your uke. the best presents are the ones longed for for years! It's my hubby's birthday so I LOVE Xmas. Happy New Year too. x


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