Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunshine and Stockings

I'm really sorry about over blogging about the market - I get a bit over excited sometimes.  Still some of you have asked how it went, and it was great!  Thanks to all the Christchurchians who came out on a lovely sunny day and chose to buy handmade for their loved ones this Christmas.

Me and Fenella from Stitch - all market images via Rose Among Thorns, FB page
It wasn't a huge market, and I didn't get to have a really good browse and chat with the other stall holders, but from what I saw I was blown away at the quality and diversity of craft on offer.

Rose Among Thorns stall - we felt lucky to be next to her, the stall wafted lovely smells through the day
Relique Vintage Jewellery

Mudbird tags - I've been eying these up on
...amd there were gorgeous sausage dog softies and little girls pinafore and handprinted teatowels and tee shirts, but I forgot to bring my camera (dang). 

I do have some more crafting to do for the next market, as some of my items 'sold out', but I've been enjoying the last couple of nights of getting into bed before 12 and this week I'm going to focus on Christmas stockings for my family and doing some Christmas baking.  Its a hard lesson I'm trying to learn from previous years - that being not to burn myself out before the big day!
Here's a small selection (how did that happen..hummm) of Christmasy fats, all bought from here I'm working with for the stockings.  I'm thinking the base will be quilted linen and snippets of these and some stars and prancing reindeer, cos I love them so much.
If you missed out on the market this weekend, we're doing it all again on the 18th....just saying!


  1. Mmm, looks like a lovely market! Wish I could have come for a browse around! Your stall looked like it was overflowing with goodness, so glad it went well for you :o)

  2. Great photos! Was a very fun day, roll on the 18th!

  3. it looks lovely. and those fabrics are gorgeous too.. cant wait to see your stockings.

  4. What a great market! I don't think you are over blogging about this! It is good to blog about the things that are important to you!


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