Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best Laid Plans or How to make Lemonade

Oh man I've written and re-written this post.  Its about lemons.  I've been a tad quiet because, well life seems to be throwing me a few lemons at the moment.

The week leading up to Christmas I was finished and done with markets and made to measure clients and the factory work (pheeeeeeew) and I could totally focus my attention on gifts and baking and Christmas fun.... well that was the plan. 

The whole family got a cold.  So I didn't get everything on my handmade Christmas gifts list made or baking list baked, but I did finish 3 of these stockings and I'm rather proud of them.

All I can say of Christmas day is we survived - we dosed up on decongestant tablets and got through the day.  There is scant photographic evidence but believe me this is a good thing.

There were plenty of lemons consumed I might add (with hot water, honey and ginger naturally).

And then, when us Cantanbrians thought we were over natural disasters Boxing Day gave us a few decent earthquakes.  My studio was a bit of a mess - mortar dust mainly and some of the debris which builds up in a roof cavity - like bird feathers and roofing nails.  A bit of a pain, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn't sort out.  I went back the following night to get on only to find my building has been deemed unsafe to enter by the powers that be.** 

Arghhh big big BIG lemon!
The two windows on the left above the black door is my spot.
So whats a girl to do? Finish the crochet blanket I started some months back...

Rediscover the breadmaker (man I love this thing!!)....
Looks kinda like a mushroom, but it was tasty!
And have a crafty evening with my bestie - we made her a bunch of hair grips and ties and a headband and a brooch from Fenella's gorgeous Japanese fabric buttons she got on a recent trip to Melbourne.

And well that's not the worst of it, there was another Lemon in there, but its a bit personal, anyho - all I can say is crafting has kept me sane over the last two weeks.  I can only hope you have had a more joyful Christmas and New Year and I very much look forward to catching up with some of my regular reads as they return to their blogs.

Urmmm, if you got this far your awesome!

**The building isn't going to fall down any time soon, but because of the holidays the bureaucratic wheels are turning even slower that usual and I have no idea when I will get the OK to use my space again


  1. Oh Nin, take care. Thinking of you xo

  2. Hi Nin,
    I have been thinking of you over the christmas/ new year period and wondering how you were going. It is such a shame that your studio is closed for the time being. It is good to hear that none of your equipment was damaged.
    When live gives you lemons make lemonade!

  3. Hope your studio/building is passed as safe soon. Love the flower brooch!

  4. At least real lemons are rather gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the grim life lemons. Our Christmas tree hit the deck in the Boxing Day earthquake. Wishing you a very crafty New Year!

  5. Aarrgh! What a disaster. I'm glad that lovely building that your studio is housed in is safe - it's just so lovely.

    Oh, stuff the lemonade, you deserve a tequilla!!! x

  6. Loving that Christmas stocking, thinking of you in the rocky city, Happy New Year, cheers Marie

  7. Your bread does look delish.... I often get my mum to put one on for me - I must buy myself a bread machine!!

    Loving your blog.


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