Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Mission (Statement?)

Generally I'm all about the making rather than the reading, research, reflection and talking myself up. But the studio is still a no go, so I've spent much of the week doing worksheets, crunching numbers....and trying to tackle the mission statement, and concepts such as perceived value and unique selling point. I'm a lost cause when it comes to objectifying my craft like that, but the time has come to be a tad more prepared and organised. 

Incidentally, if you don't know what I'm talking about but you have a wee online shop or do the markets, you can go past Makery for ideas on business and marketing specific to small craft business.

Pictured is the latest little top design.  I mentioned waaaay back here I would be making it, but then I got stuck into making for swaps and markets and then it was Christmas (do you see what I mean about 'prepared and organised'). 

In retrospect it was probably rather a rash decision to throw out half my wardrobe.  The idea was that it would provide the right amount of tension to get me to put my needs first for once - ha!.  That being said I'm really rather happy with this outcome and there is another design, which requires a little handsewing but will post on that soon.

So this week I've been cutting, cutting, cutting - mercifully it is something I can do outside the workshop.  I've borrowed the teaching room out the back of the shop I work at.  Its just so frustrating to be spinning my wheels as this is a really busy time of year for my bricks and mortar outlet over in Lyttelton (cruise ship season). 

Breathe. What will be will be.
Hope all is well in your world.

p.s. My peg apron tutorial is coming along.  I managed to have success in .pdf'ing the file - believe me, this was a big deal.  I just want to get some nice process photos - I do think good clear images are key to the whole thing, don't you?


  1. Oooohhh, love the top hun, it looks amazing! Hopefully the workroom gets the all clear from the council soon x

  2. Cute top. While you're doing your deep breaths think "Valuable creative planning time" for the next cruise ship influx. Sometimes you have to find positives.

  3. Lovely to meet a fellow local blogger - thought we all lived in cyberland! Enjoyed reading your posts.

  4. I too love the top - it's rather 'spesh'. I'm looking forward to reading the mission statement you create to reflect all that is 'The Wardrobe'.


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