Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More stuff I'm doing while I'm waiting to get back into the workshop

Yeah I know, still on enforced holiday from the studio.  But its a good thing - no really, I've done heaps of little projects for myself and my family which have been on the 'to do' for ages, not to mention all those tasks you keep putting off like sorting and decluttering papers and ummm my tax return (I know, I know).

I've been thinking I'll run a learn to crochet class at Stitch in Autumn.  I've met so many people who want to learn and frankly its so easy and so addictive I think the whole world should know how to crochet.   This is a simple little single crochet beanie. I've used Debbie Bliss Como, but any super chunky yarn would do.  This plain version is good for a guy, but you could add an embellishment - a felt flower or a suffolk puff (yoyo) or some buttons to make it more girlie.

I did a bit of a declutter, especially around the desk area. I love the calm of clean open spaces.  Shame that at my house this lasts, like a nanosecond.

I've recovered my noticeboard which was useful for getting stuff up off the desk, but not that pretty.  I used a thrifted Semco linen tablecloth and a couple of lengths of ribbon (love the tape measure stuff - ever since it came into the shop I've been looking for a way to use it). For inspiration I got out my trusty copy of "The Handmade Home, Sania Pell".  I'm not quite finished with it - I'm thinking it needs a pocket (or two?) on there for all that stuff you don't want to stick with a pin.

And there there is the peg apron.  Yup I'm channeling 50's housewife with this one - yet another project I've wanted to do for ages using some ace fabric we got into the shop.  I just sort of winged it with the pattern.  I'm off to the library this afternoon to use their photocopier and reduce the pattern down so I can .pdf it and make a tutorial for you.  I'll take it to work and make it up into a kitset also.

I'm thinking I want to do more tutorials this year - anyone got any ideas for what they would like to see?  I can't promise I'll do it, but I'll definitely give it some thought.


  1. love the beanie... I would love to crochet - have tried so hard but just cant get it. My goal this year is to get it sorted!
    Love the noticeboard too and the peg apron rocks!

  2. I wish we lived closer! I have been wanting to learn to crochet for so long! And you could teach me to sew too!


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