Thursday, January 27, 2011

My creative space

Wow this week has been nought to sixty in under a second - do you know what I mean?  I have so many pots of creative goodness bubbling away I hardly know where to start in updating you. 

I have these fabrics (a crisp indigo cotton, soft washed canvas in a browny-khaki and magenta twill tape in two widths) and this inspiration rattling around in the back of my head. 

I've shown them to a few people and the feedback has been divided.  Who am I kidding?  Everyone but my mother gave me varying degrees of 'yuck'....but I can't let it go. 

Its the magenta that gets people.  I think its rather lively.  What do you thing?  Uber cool or style-disabled?

I'm thinking of recreating the hand bunched effect in the divine silk gown on the blue cotton.  Not sure how the twill tape comes into things - it might just be some binding for the inside or pocket trim or the wider one could end up being a belt of sorts.  Humm decisions, decisions. 

Now back to what I should be doing - pants for the factory.....or maybe just a quick hop over to Kirsty's to check in on more creative lovelies.


  1. wow - i love your inspiration with those fabrics - good luck deciding xx

  2. I don't think you could possibly create anything yuck to be honest. I'm looking forward to see what you create. That ruching is divine but looks like a lot of work! Good luck.

  3. don't let it go! i love crazy fabric too, then again when i go shopping even for clothes i have friends talk me out of what i consider unique and fairly odd to the point that i like it, and they think its ugly...but forget those voices and go for it!

  4. Put the fabric up on the wall somewhere - hang it off a door frame, whatever suits. Walk around and do your thing for the day and every time you catch sight of it, you'll get a nudge... :D

  5. I agree with Louise... it will speak to you eventually. Although, I'm definitely getting a 'shawl' vibe... x

  6. Hey, just let the idea sizzle a bit more in those fried brains of yours, Remember:

    Pure ingenuity and creativity comes amidst the criticisms of others- JM Hubahib

  7. I guarantee the opinion will be totally reversed when they see what you create with the trim :) And btw, that handbunched effect looks very complex and rather divine!


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