Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cantabs - Can you help please?

Hi all
I'm so glad to hear that many of my fellow Canterburian bloggers are starting to get power and other services back on.
I have a request - please can you help with a billet?

My husband is high up the chain of command for Coastguard. He and his team have been deployed tonight to run the Cowles Stadium Welfare Centre. As you can imagine the mass evacuation of Clifton, Redcliffs, Sumner means there is great need for this service right now. Gordon has the ability to bring in suitably trained Coastguarders from all over NZ to provide relief teams, but the numbers he can bring in to help will depend in part on whether he can accommodate them. He will have a briefing with Coastguard's CEO at 06:30am and I hope that some of you lovely people are still up, have a spare bed and are willing to share their home for a time. (Even if you get this message later on and think you might be able to help - please respond!)

Do you know someone in Christchurch who came through ok and think they might be able to help?  Can you link up to this post and spread the word?
If you can spare a bed please email me notchka {at} gmail {dot} com. Gordon (Huz) will check in with me tomorrow to see if I was successful in finding some extra beds.

Thank you Christchurch and thank you everywhere else your love and support means so so much (truly, it does!)
Stay strong everyone.


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  1. I've just posted your request on my FB page Notchka. Hope you can find someone to help.


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)