Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space: Caught up

I'm a little later with my 'My creative space" post today, but truth be told, I've been in the studio creating (the computer lives at home).

If you're anything like me you'll notice the ebb and flow of creative projects.  There is a point at which you have started far too many and gone too far in each of them not to complete something...anything and yet you're in the 'hard yakka' phase of each.  Its not exactly exciting - it just needs to be done.  There I have been this week, being really firm with myself and finishing:
  • 6 skirts and 16 tops
  • a guest post
  • a mission statement
  • more granny squares for Q'landers
  • teaching plans for Autumn craft courses; and
  • round the house projects (more on one of those tomorrow).

The skirts went over to Milou* but here is a lineup of tops - some for Milou and some for Felt.  The Felt site is going down on Sunday for a scheduled upgrade, so it might be safest to wait 'till Monday to list them. 

I can safely say that things have been flowing quite well for me, creatively speaking, over the past week and the 'ebb' is in sight.....or more probably the commencement of another 5 projects, just to keep life interesting.

I do yearn to get back to the blue dress, but stock first - fun later is the order of the day.  What are you creating today?  Wanna check out some more creative spaces - click here and be inspired!

*the little shop I stock in Lyttelton


  1. Those tops look gorgeous - i want one so hope you will be listing in Felt.
    And wow - you have been busy this week. I think I need some of want you have.

  2. Go you! Tops look gorgeous. And thanks to this post, I got off my butt and finished a project that had been hanging around. Thanks!

  3. Glad to be of service Clare - I'll be scanning you blog to find out what it is!


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