Thursday, February 3, 2011

My creative space: Loose ends

You may have noticed a couple of new buttons popping up on my side bar recently.  I know I'm busy -- really busy but I wanted to do something for Queensland families who have gone through so much lately. 

There are quilting block drives and auctions - people are so generous! but I don't want to get myself into a position of over promising, so when I heard Sarah London was calling for granny squares to make into blankets and she was accepting donations for a whole year I knew this was a way I can help.  You see, crochet is my chill out craft, the thing I do to still me brain at the end of a full-on day.

I have one problem though - I need more yarn!  Can you help?  I need 8 ply (double knitting) in wool or acrylic in any colour - just odds and ends are great - granny squares are perfect for using up the last of things (perhaps that's why I love granny squares so much).  If you live in Christchurch and can make it to Stitch, 27a Colombo Street they will gladly save up your donations for me.  If you can't get there, but have a pile of yarn you want to donation please email me and I'll see what I can organise.

If you want to make up some granny squares and donate them yourself I know Sarah would be really appreciative - just click on the "Crochet a Rainbow" button on the top left of this page to get all the ins and outs.


  1. Great project! Will have to have a look in my wool stash for you ;-)

  2. Oh i love the crochet & colours, great work. Love Posie

  3. What a great idea! I will have a dig through and see if I have any 8ply for you. I think I've got some gorgeous navy blue. I'll email you when I've had a look and get your address.

  4. This is a really good thing you are doing.I would love to help, I can't crochet but would like to donate some wool. I'll email you for address details.

  5. I love your chosen colours. Crocheting is my way to chill out too and such a lovely cause too. :)


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