Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space: Therapy

It might seem a bit mad to be posting a My Creative Space today.  Sleep eludes me and I can't do any more than I have done - gather my family under my roof, help my Huz who is helping others and crochet....

I have undertaken to make crochet squares for Queenslanders.

Last week parcels of yarn have been arriving in the mailbox and over the counter at Stitch for my crochet effort.  I particularly want to thank Sarah, Annie, Leanne, Fenella and Catherine who have all donated their yarn to the cause - you guys rock!!  I have given some yarn to my mother, who is finding the calming effects of crochet very helpful to her right now.

I know it must be hard to know how to help if you live outside our region, but please know Sarah, Annie and Catherine you have helped me and Mum to deal with the stress of this and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Also on the crochet front, I've managed to whip up a couple of babies 'balls' a la Kirsty - Mathematical theory expressed as crochet - who knew?  For the beginner crochetist - super easy, super fast = super satisfying.

The gift tags were made in a session with my scrapping bud Mickey last week and I hope to recommence our weekly scrapping sessions (there is wine and laughter and truth be told not a whole lot of scrapbooking).

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  1. What a bloody great idea Nin :). You are in my thoughts.

  2. We're thinking of all of you affected by the earthquake. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Crochet a Rainbow is a great cause - I've been making some squares for it too.

  3. That's a wonderful contribution, you're a lovely gal, you are! Love the gift tag as well. Clever you. x

  4. Snap alright! Thinking of you and your family. xoxo

  5. oh wow, looks like you have been super busy on those granny squares!
    Never give up! things will get better, xx

  6. What a lovely thing to do. Enjoy your crocheting. Yes wine, laughter and relaxing is good for the soul.

  7. Therapy is so important, I made a Bride yesterday, still not quite sure why, cheers Marie

  8. How thoughtful are you crafting for others when it must be such a hard time for yourself.

  9. Hi Nin. I had a 'survival' package of some nice things 4 u and lala 2 send u, but i've landed up in hospital and my husband at home has been packing up our house 2 hav new carpet laid, and package has gone missing! In any case, u guys r in my thoughts, and here's hoping the post quake process is going ok 4 u. Will send parcel when i'm out of hosp. Keep in touch, Catherine.


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