Friday, February 18, 2011

Organised Home Project: Brooches

I have quite a little brooch addiction.  I love that they are so versatile - I wear mine on my belt, in my hair, on my bag as well as the usual - adorning a cardi.  After the earthquake I went on a little brooch spurge with the result that I have an overflowing dresser. 

Enter the project - no so much a project, as a way to display all my lovely brooches and keep the wee one from playing with them.
The problem - overflowing brooch receptacle

I took a length of wide ribbon (mine was wired) and a curtain ring
Folded over like so and secured with a couple of stitches
Voila! brooches as art
From the top Black Lily Brooch by BlackSwan, Gold coloured flower, vintage (my Momma wore this to Mum and Dad's wedding); Enamel pear, vintage from my maternal Grandmother; Rata flower silk brooch, Tamsin Cooper; Pebble Brooch, Green Valley Crafts; Kina button, gift from my bestie; Felt and fabric diamond Green Valley Crafts; Outward Bound button - yus!  I survived and all I got was a brooch....oh well; silver and mother of pearl squares, can't remember the name of the designer but purchased at  Hanne Andersen, Wellington ; Pebble and Silver, again can't remember the designer but purchased at Chris Cole Jewellery, Wellington; and finally Tape measure Rose by Cotton Kiwi

Only problem - more brooches than ribbon, on well, I'll have to make another one.


  1. Great idea! I have about a thousand badges, I need to do something like this too!

  2. Great idea! They look gorgeous x

  3. love it! after reading your post I've gone and pinned my brooches to a scarf that hangs down above my dressing table- thanks heaps for the cool idea :) its nice to see them out rather than have them stuffed in my jewellery drawer- will make me wear them more often!


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)