Monday, March 21, 2011

Should I stay or should I go

Today was a hard day.  I spent the morning on the computer and phone starting to cost out the value of all my equipment and work out what I really need to replace right now in order for The Wardrobe to function on some kind of level.  How do I function on some kind of level?  I've never been a quitter, but I found out my dressmaking shears are worth $200... and that's just a pair of scissors, I have a list of absolute musts as long as my arm.  Today I feel like quitting. 

Angel investor where are you?  I welcome you into my life right now!!  In lieu of Mr or Ms. Moneybags coming to my rescue (superhero costume is optional, but frankly I'm picturing some sort of exciting ensemble) the best think I can think of is to ask you to consider my Felt shop. 

Fancy some retail therapy?  Need a new skirt?  Got a special person's birthday coming up?  Baby shower pressie to buy?  I would be stoked if you would check out my uber-exclusive wares (well hey, some of the items were rescued from my Lyttelton retailer - out of the jaws of the quake, think of the story you can tell).  You can be sure the money is going straight to a Christchurch family who need your help and I like to shop local where I can, so I'll be sharing those funds around other Christchurch families.... ok plug over.

The silver-lining today is replacing all the metres and metres of special fabrics I use for zip purses and handbags and Russian dolls and the like.  I received a nice fat delivery from the lovely Lyndy of Stitchbird this morning.  She always pops in a couple of little samples of fabric, but this time she added a whole fat quarter of Kokka robots.  My wee one screamed "chocolate robot" (there are brown ones) and claimed this piece for herself immediately. 

It scares and delights me that she responsed the way she does to fabric and colour and yarn - a real tactile chip off the old block.
I was so inspired to sew I actually considered cutting with my kitchen scissors....ummm bacon and chive flavoured fabric.  Instead I took a deep breath and phoned in the order for the patternmaking gear; went and bought patternmaking paper, so from tomorrow I can start cut and sew - that is provided my old industrial in the garage isn't munted - cross your fingers for me please. x 

A person is not finished when they are defeated.  They're finished when they quit.  Richard Nixon


  1. Hey... hang in there - going to check out your Felt shop now!

  2. It's difficult when you have to put your love of your creativity into dollars and cents. It's lovely how your little one inspires you and that you took the first step into your future by phoning in the order. Fingers and toes crossed the industrial plays nicely "xxxx"!

  3. You made it happen before and you can do it again. Taking the first steps is the hardest part and you have done that now so everything else will start to fall into place. Stay strong and carry on! We send our blessings to you and your lovely little family x x x

  4. Good Luck hun, it's a bloody hard road to walk at the moment, right now the future scares me a lot. But, plans must be made as time does not stand still. I am pleased to hear you taking your first steps forward.

    P.S. you made me laugh with your use of the word 'munted', it is a popular word in chch at the moment!

  5. Hang in there Nin, you've got this far and you're coping awesomely! We'll get through it. You're welcome to look through my meagre sewing supplies and borrow anything you can use.

  6. I can't imagine how difficult things have been for you down there. It's amazing what we are capable of fighting for, particularly when we are going through what feels like total merde. I've never been through an earthquake but I've definately felt like giving up sometimes. I think those times are when you can really tap into your true creativity, because it's then that you really have something to say. Go shout it out girl! Tap into that strength you know you have. :D

  7. We'll spread the word Nin - hang in there. Cant' wait to see what you create with that beautiful fabric :)

  8. I totally need a new plastic bag holder!!! Going to check out your Felt store right NOW. Literally.

  9. Keep going, the world needs more people like you :-)


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