Monday, March 28, 2011

Top down design - my obsession with the hook

It is true, crochet is addictive.

Luck for me my girlfriends have lots of littlies to make beanies for. 

What started as a way to relax has turned into creative spark for my winter wares.  Usually I will design the main pieces for my label - a dress, a skirt, adding the little details last.  With all the recent hoop-la happening in my town and I've amused myself by designing a new little capsule collection from the top down.

Thank you everyone who has given me encouragement over the last little while - it real has helped me keep on keepin on.  The first shipment of fabric arrive today; skirt and top toiles are cut and ready for fitting tomorrow night....there is high excitement and new things afoot in this space.

Hope all is well in your world



  1. Keep on going! :)
    would love to see some pics of the littlies with beanies, they look comfortable.

  2. love them, they look gorgeous nin you clever girl!

  3. They look gorgeous! Bravo you for truckin' on - you are as marvellous as your work.

  4. Now that is an impressive array of crocheted beanies! You must be a very speedier crocheter (is that a word?!!) :)

  5. Nin you really are an inspiration. xo

  6. They look lovely, the wee embellishments look so cute! I have been keeping my hands busy this last month with winter knitting and I finally learn't to crochet! Very proud of myself on that one. Hope you guys are keeping well. Wana catch up for a coffee somewhere soon?


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)